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Client Testimonial

“Grace had a remarkable ability to take our thinking and represent it in a web design...Her professional demeanor, knowledge and clear communication style made this process about as easy as it could be. Grace was efficient with our time, delivered according to promised timelines and was responsive to any request. I would recommend Grace in a heart beat to anyone looking for website design services.”

- Robin Parsons, Principal, Parsons Dialogue

Parsons Dialogue


As their business entered it's next stage with a new team, Parsons Dialogue needed a brand to reflect their capabilities and character.


To support their launch, this project covered a full spectrum of deliverables. From SEO research to web design and supporting materials, the brand builds a strong foundation for the future. Focusing on collaboration as a key theme, the visual brand centers around geometric shapes that interact with one another to create larger patterns, representing all of the different individuals that contribute to facilitation outcomes. Balancing the playful shapes, the brand is complemented by a mid-century inspired colour palette, sophisticated serif type, and clean layout through all applications.

The largest expression of the brand is brought to life in the website, showcasing services, process, and extensive facilitation resources. Built using the Webfow CMS, the site is designed to grow with the team, and make updates easy and efficient.

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Project Credits

Design & Webflow Development: Grace Walker

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