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"Web development, graphic design and online marketing are often deconstructed and complicated to the disadvantage of an early-stage business. What is required, is a single individual that is organized, competent, and can move gracefully along the spectrum from design to execution. Grace Walker is exactly this and I am pleased to recommend her services helping anyone go from a mere desire for an online presence to a professional digital footprint to support your key marketing objectives."

-Daniel Plant, Opsyne



As a new company with powerful high-tech products, Opsyne needed to launch a brand and website to establish their credibility and expertise to potential clients.


Starting out with robust SEO research to inform the website structure, I created a strategic marketing website for Opsyne. Informed by the images produced by a hyperspectral camera, the visual identity included a custom color palette, logo, renderings, and image treatments. While the design of the site was incredibly important, the structure is also built to be highly efficient and flexible, with CMS structure for case studies, resources, and products. We are currently working together on an SEO support campaign to drive more organic traffic to the website, with extremely positive initial feedback.

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Project Credits

Brand, Design & Development: Grace Walker

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