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Cathie Catalano


With over 15 years experience as a Realtor in Medicine Hat, Cathie is the kind of person you want on your real estate team. With dozens of positive reviews and market success, it was clear that Cathie was on another level with her services, however her brand didn’t echo those same characteristics.


I worked with Cathie to create a refreshing brand that showcases her personality and experience. Rooted in a modern and calm colour palette, I combined geometric patterns and a classic serif typeface to express Cathie’s experience and adaptability. We worked with a local photographer to capture custom brand imagery for the site and supporting elements, where I provided creative direction and on-shoot support. The largest expression of the brand is Cathie’s new website - it clearly lays out her services, process, and invites potential clients to reach out and discuss their real estate needs.

Supported by business cards, postcards, newspaper ads, and a templated action plan for her social media strategy, Cathie has a whole new toolbox to use in marketing her business and continuing her success in the Medicine Hat real estate market.

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Project Credits

Brand, Design & Development: Grace Walker

Photography: Lorissa Lee Photography

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